Hybrid driving tips for Prius, Camry Hybrid, and your eco-conscious vehicle!


How can you get the most out of your Toyota hybrid model in Troy, Warren, Southfield, Detroit, and Sterling Heights?

You may think you already are; after all, your RAV4 Hybrid, Prius, Camry Hybrid, or Prius v is already one of the most fuel-efficient options on the market. Aren't you already getting your money's worth in great fuel economy?

Sure you are! But, you could do more. And save more.

Small changes in your driving habits, daily schedule, and even your packing habits can really add up and make your car more aerodynamic, more efficient, and more valuable for you.

See how, in Toyota's "How-To" video here.

A quick recap of a few fast tips for driving your hybrid in Troy:

Hybrid Car Care:

  • Properly maintain your vehicle, including your
  • Keep a clean (read: lightweight) trunk
  • Remove things from your roof racks unless you absolutely need them
  • Learn how to interpret your Toyota's Energy Monitor system
  • Follow your car's recommended maintenance schedule

Hybrid Car Driving Tips:

  • Use ECO Mode whenever you want to improve your fuel economy
  • Coast when safe, rather than braking hard and then accelerating
  • Gentle and consistent braking to help optimize regenerative power
  • Choose smooth terrain when possible
  • Try to group errands together, so you can keep the engine warm and running efficiently
  • Avoid unnecessary idling to cut down on wasted fuel

Just a few of these hybrid driving tips will help you get the absolute most out of your new hybrid.

Want to know more, or want to try it out for yourself? Come to Suburban Toyota of Troy today to get a feel for an exciting new hybrid model.

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